User-Friendly Interface

Leadsnaps system comes with a user-friendly interface so you can proceed in creating pages right away.

Responsive System

Select, drag and drop, Leadsnaps offers fast and responsive functions which could save you a lot of time.

Modern Page Output

Unlike other systems, Leadsnaps can guarantee you a modern looking and responsive website output.

Exciting Leadsnaps Features

Easy Drag & Drop Page Builder

Easily create web pages by just dragging and dropping elements to your desired position, you can then preview the changes right away.

Publish Pages on Facebook

Connect you Facebook fanpage and website effortlessly, this would allow you to reach out to more clients and give them product updates.

Autoresponder Integration

Send automatic responses to your clients and leads from your web pages with Leadsnaps autoresponder integration feature.

Done for You Pages

Save more time with ready-made Leadsnaps pages, you can just update the details on the page of your choice and publish them in an instant.

Create Funnel Pages

Use Leadsnaps to create any type of website such us sales pages, JV pages, webinar pages, personal webpages and even sales funnel pages.

Use Any Language

Wherever you are located Leadsnaps will work for you, you can easily change or update your page language setting in an instant.

The Leadsnaps Possibilities

Leadsnaps comes with hundreds of website templates that you can use right away. You also have the ability to use just some part of the template that you desire. Below are just some of the awesome page templates that you will get with our Leadsnaps System.

How We Do It

Leadsnaps was created to provide the consultancy industry with a new and more effective solution on how they can create web pages in an instant. The creation of Leadsnaps has gone through an intensive process, following the principles below.
  • Research

    A study to identify the needs of online and offline consultants was conducted

  • Concept

    Formulating a plan to provide a good solution to the identified problem

  • Design

    Thorough system strategy was undertaken to make the system easy to use and handle

  • Develop

    Project development on achieving the desired function of the chosen system

  • Test

    Systematic testing on the formulated system before releasing it on the market

The Leadsnaps Interface

Below are just a sneak preview on what to expect inside the Leadsnaps system. The interface is user-friendly and each section is easy to understand and navigate.

Leadsnaps is coming your way this February 19, 2015. Mark your calendar and be the first to gain
access to this mindblowing drag and drop system.

Our Previous Products

ThemeSocial has been around for some time now, and we have formulated several products that helped a lot of local consultants. Check these awesome products below.

Testimonial for ThemeSocial

We actively make connections with a lot of offline and online consultants in the market. Each partner that we make, we do our best to create a good impression and to assist them well in marketing their products. Below are just some of the many testimonials that we receive from our loyal partners.

Our team

We are composed of talented, hardworking and competent individuals, with skills ranging from marketing, coding, graphic design and customer relations. The people below are just some of the faces behind ThemeSocial.

Prady N.

Find and evaluates possible systems that can be developed based on market needs


Nakul N.

Manage tasks and monitor team process, and manages comms between team


Princess P.

Ensures proper execution of the system before being launched to the market


June S.

Design and draw user interfaces and other graphic materials needed by the company


Connect with us, share and inspire.


Connect with us, share and inspire.


Connect with us, share and inspire.